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Empowering Others is Good for Your Health

In November of last year, I got a very strong message upon waking (where I often get my inspirations in life). It was this:


Be 100% who you are. Create. Heal. Teach. Love.

Empower others.

Empower others to empower others.


This, I was told, is the way to shift the…


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Flowing The Gilded Divine Feminine Frequency Unto the Planetary Grid

This meditation has been gifted to any woman or man who wishes to be a unifying part of a behind–the-scenes effort to flow powerful and deeply divine feminine energy under the current apparent reality that is showing up in the US and across the globe. Uneasy about what is unfolding across a US that seems very divided? Rather than go toe-to toe, we want to come up under their soles! Yes, pun intended….

Many beings who have been on the path for 30-40 years are…


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Thankful for You

Blessed Being….

I am SOOOO thankful for you and the work you do in the world. I know your intentions are to evolve and be love…..and to be in world service in the way that your soul intended when you chose to incarnate at this time. I feel you more today than ever and my gratitude is bountiful and lush.

I know that now more than ever, we need to bring through and BE our essential selves. We need to cultivate our deepest aspects and invite them to blossom forth into the most…


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Unity is the Best Policy

Dear One,

I hope your heart is okay and that you are seeing that the light in you will carry you through to every next step of your journey.

The country is, at this moment, grappling with huge emotions and expectations. There are feelings of loss and triumph, fear and expectation, disbelief and jubilation and emotions that only you know in your heart.

Families are divided, the nation is divided.

I too woke up Tues eve to discover things had not gone the way I…


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I AM the Universe

Albert Einstein once wrote: “ A human being is part of a whole, called by us the “Universe”- a part limited in time and space.”

Albert Einstein thoughtfully offered this observation, which many years ago would have been an illuminating thought…considering it came from a scientist. Yet to me, it is now…


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Blood Moon Angel Heralds the Ascension Evolution Wave

This Angel heralded the gateway to Ascension at the time of the Super Harvest Blood Moon. She rose in the Western sky as we gathered and She graciously faded when the last being had arrived to our half moon circle to view the event which would open consciousness to the new frequencies…


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Riding the Ascension Evolution Wave

The Ascension Evolution Wave or The Wave is a configuration of energy that is a collaboration of frequency and light. The frequency is a wave impulse that has been light-encoded with specific information formulated to awaken lower frequencies to a higher vibratory expression.

 The Ascension…


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Meditate To End the Drought with Us July 30, 7:30PM PDT

I am putting the call out to all of you who might see this or pass it on...

Could you please join us energetically on Thursday night, 7:30 PDT to call upon multiple energetic streams to assist us in ending the drought? It is epic drought time here and this is the year that it needs to shift for…


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Creating a Major Shift in Your Reality

There comes a time when each of us sense that it is time to make a shift. Perhaps it is a shift in how we manifest our 3D life. More importantly, it is vital to create a focus on upgrading our energy to bring in more light, radiate more love and to hold a higher frequency.


Activating the 5D…


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Time Travel, the Self and the True Nature of Time

As I watched the sun sink slowly away for it’s last moments in 2014, it occurred to me that our marking of time based events, like the new year, is both observational and arbitrary in terms of its relation to the passing of cosmological events. While celestial bodies spiral through space, there is no beginning…


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Choosing to Thrive

Recently, my dear mother went through the giant pink door to the other side. You will see why I say pink door, when I relay the following story to you.

At the end of a meditation one morning, my guidance indicated that they wished to speak to me regarding my mother. After informing me that she was not long…


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Throughout the year, astrological configurations serve as a focusing agent for humanity. Some of these configurations serve as portals, so those who are perceptive may access them inwardly with meditation and contemplation. I have always realized a shift in my personal energy when I am able to align with the…


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Initiate Sovereignty Now

In our last missive, you were able to see the power in declaring, that indeed, you are free. I AM FREE sets forth a vibration that resounds throughout the universe that you ARE and you CREATE, moment to moment. For those that were able to read…


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Reconfiguring Your Reality

The most important question I can ask you is: “ ARE YOU?”


What is your answer? Close your eyes and answer that question.


What was your answer?


You may have answered, “Am I what?”, thinking that I did not ask a complete question. Yet the accurate answer to this question…


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The Installation of a New Configuration

Whatever in the world is happening to the world? In every sector of the planet, unrest, starvation, poverty and corruption filters through the daily life of humans. How is it that we do not have the insight to stand back and observe our actions and see the inherent greed, self-destruction and separation that is…


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Your Next Trip Around the Sun

Summer Solstice marks one of the most ancient of holidays. Through the millennia, ancient shamans drew attention to this auspicious moment when the Sun began its journey from its highest point to its lowest point that occurs at Winter Solstice.


This enabled the ancients to…


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Activating Loving Kindness Over the Planetary Grid

We have now experienced the three Full Moon Festivals which the direct divine cosmic frequencies of the Christos, the Buddha and other Avatars onto the planet. The theme of these convocations was directed at invoking Love as the primary frequency in our embodiments, our lives and on the planet.


During the Wesak, the Christos and the Buddha were joined once again by the Divine Mother, rising up from deep within the earth and within each participating human. These energies came…


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Buddha Awaits Wesak

Join us for our annual Wesak Full Moon Meditation, Thursday, April 25, 7:30 PM PDT…


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The World's Greatest Mantra

Enjoy the World's Greatest Mantra. It resolves conflict, calms the spirit, enlivens the heart and converts the Ego Mind to one of harmony and LOVE.

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